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How Life Influences Artistic Choices

by Niki Hilsabeck in Recent Posts

Whether you appreciate or create art (or both), there are many factors that influence your artistic taste and style.

Childhood memories, places you’ve visited, emotions you feel in response to events are examples of what might influence your taste in art.

Growing up in Southern California has given me a strong connection to light. This means that light plays an important role in the art I create and the paintings I enjoy looking at. We also have an abundance of blue skies here in California, which make frequent appearances in my work as well.

I feel most at peace when sitting outside, drinking in the sights and sounds that surround me. This close relationship to nature is also something that makes its way into my work.

How about you? How do your life experiences and unique take on the world influence the types of art you enjoy? Take a look through your art collection or portfolio– what does it say about your personality and life experiences?

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