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Me, A Messy Artist? Definitely!

by Niki Hilsabeck in Recent Posts

Sometimes, a little mess is best…

I’ve grown up with the notion that good artists make big messes.  They just have to clean up after themselves when done.  What about for those pieces that don’t quite feel finished, but just need a few small changes and touches? 
In my latest blog post, I decided to share how I’ve been adapting my working style to get paintings finished at a time when I have little energy to devote to setting up and cleaning up my workspace.  It’s probably not for the neat and organized at heart.
“Almond Blossoms” 9 x 12 Chalk pastel on paper $45

Finally, some finished work that isn’t blue!

My latest couple of pieces were started with the intention of staying away from the water and blue tones that tend to dominate most of my work.  I loved these little almond blossoms, so even though the painting hit a couple of rough points, I really wanted to stick with it and see it finished. 
Here’s another piece with I did with a similar color scheme that also hit a rough patch:
“Patchwork Hills” 9 x 12 Chalk pastel on paper $40

The piece above was started and almost finished plein air, but I had to rework some of the background and foreground inside.  This is a view from our house looking out to the east at some of the rolling hills in Fallbrook.

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