Out of the Dust

Winged Inspiration

Painting butterflies: why are they so appealing to artists?                        "Fleeting" 4 x 5.5 Pastel on Paper                       "Perched" 4.5 x 5.5 Pastel on PaperPurchase…(continue reading)

Wind in My Bones

Oceanside Days of Art: A Gloriously Windy Event My booth at the art fair April 26th-27th, a pastel demo (koi pond)I think I came up with my epitaph after this event!I don't envision myself having a tombstone when I'm gone, but if I were to have one, I'd like the following quote to appear on it:...(continue reading)

Creating Art is Like Exercising

Creating art and exercising...what's the connection?Creating art shares many similarities with exercising.  It can serve as a mood lifter, a mental booster, and a physical outlet for energy.  As with exercise, you can start out tired, but get warmed up and enjoy yourself by the end of a painting...(continue reading)

How Life Influences Artistic Choices

Whether you appreciate or create art (or both), there are many factors that influence your artistic taste and style. Childhood memories, places you've visited, emotions you feel in response to events are examples of what might influence your taste in art. Growing up in Southern California has...(continue reading)

Harvesting Color and Mood

It's funny how color has such a strong impact on the mood of a painting."Bitter Harvest" 6 x 9 Pastel on paperClick here to view large or see purchase details Fall is normally a happy time for me: the weather is cooler and the local scenery comes to life with blazing complementary colors. ...(continue reading)