Out of the Dust

Painting is Like No Other Activity

Newsletter 03/19/2015 "The Road to Reno" pastel on flat canvasDeatails  In a world flush with the constant stream of chatter, news, likes and downvotes, it often seems there are few opportunities for doing something both quiet and productive.  Artists have a unique opportunity to submerge…(continue reading)

Five Benefits to Using Pastel

If you're new to pastels, or haven't tried them yet, here are a few things I love about using soft pastels.  "Bitter Harvest" (Painted on orange-toned paper) 1) Colorfastness Pastels come in a wide array of colors, most of them wonderfully vivid!  Using pastel on an appropriate...(continue reading)

Creating a Variety of Textures with Pastel

The versatility of pastel: creating works with unique textures  "Tropical Night" 17 x 21 Mixed Media on PaperClick here to view details  One of my favorite things about pastel is its versatility.  If I feel like following a time-tested, traditional method of using pastel, I can...(continue reading)

Winged Inspiration

Painting butterflies: why are they so appealing to artists?                        "Fleeting" 4 x 5.5 Pastel on Paper                       "Perched" 4.5 x 5.5 Pastel on PaperPurchase...(continue reading)

Wind in My Bones

Oceanside Days of Art: A Gloriously Windy Event My booth at the art fair April 26th-27th, a pastel demo (koi pond)I think I came up with my epitaph after this event!I don't envision myself having a tombstone when I'm gone, but if I were to have one, I'd like the following quote to appear on it:...(continue reading)