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Too Hot for Blue…

It’s the last day of September, and the forecast for our area is 100 degrees tomorrow.  On the occasional cool day, I’ve been working on an acrylic painting in small spurts.  In between those sessions, I did a little playing with color:                 “Cat Pose 1”                                                                                   “Cat Pose 2” Click here to view Etsy listing                                 Click here… read more

Me, A Messy Artist? Definitely!

Sometimes, a little mess is best… I’ve grown up with the notion that good artists make big messes.  They just have to clean up after themselves when done.  What about for those pieces that don’t quite feel finished, but just need a few small changes and touches?    In my latest blog post, I decided to share how I’ve been adapting my… read more

Summer Colors and Shapes

We’re coming to the end of summer, and I wanted to share a couple of pieces inspired by our many trips to the beach.  The above piece, “Harbor Alley,” was an experiment in acrylic and chalk, with many layers added for extra texture.   I also did a little pastel of my daughter, based on… read more


  This latest piece,  “Pangaea,” started off with great promise and then ended up in the fail pile, only to be rescued this week.   It’s nice when a painting flies through the process, going from inspiration to finish in a creative fury.  Unfortunately, life happens, and some pieces get stuck in limbo for a while. … read more

Turtles and Baby Steps

  “How ’bout a Hug” 9 x 12 Chalk pastel on paper $40  Purchase Original    These cute turtles got me through a rough week.  Having trouble finishing a painting?  Read my latest blog post to get a little encouragement in the right direction.   Don’t forget, shipping is free through summer!

Summer Shipping Special, and Artist’s Inspiration

“View from the Jetty” Original $60 Click here to view listing   Summer Shipping Special!   To celebrate my new Foliotwist website, shipping on any item purchased through Fine Art by Niki Hilsabeck is free!  Latest Blog Post: Water, Water Everywhere! What inspires artists to create?  Looking through my work, I’ve realized that much of the time it’s water. … read more

Latest work posted

  My latest piece, “Evening,” is available for sale!  Please visit my blog to read about how I created this piece or see additional works for sale.    Click here to view purchase information for this piece.

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