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Dancing Trees

by Niki Hilsabeck in Recent Posts

In need of a little inspiration?  Try a dose of trees!

Pastel on Canvas “Bowing Oak”

Whenever we make a trip to Live Oak Park in Fallbrook, I end up taking more pictures of trees than of my kids.  Even when I am not feeling particularly inspired to paint, there is always something attractive about trees.  Their shapes are unique, and the play of light and shadow on their trunks and branches at different times of the day is always inspiring.

I don’t just find trees inspiring for their artistic value.  Trees provide so many unique enhancements to their surroundings: they are full of wildlife, offer shade, and even make their own music as breezes blow through their branches.  Of course, trees can be deadly, too!  They can provide fuel for wildfires, and their heavy limbs are a danger when being whipped by heavy winds.  For the most part, though, trees add beauty and mystery to our lives (not to mention cleaner air!)

Pastel Landscape “Dryads”

Trees are often inspiring to writers, too!  I always enjoy the fusion of nature and fantasy when it features trees, particularly the dryads in the Narnia books or the Ents Lord of the Rings series.  It’s hard to look at an old, gnarled tree with arching limbs and not think of it as having a personality– or of it being a strange kind of person, only visible in the moonlight.

Pastel Landscape “Live Oak Afternoon”

Whether you’re looking for a creative spark or just need a break from life, trees can be a great source of energy!  How do trees inspire you?  Leave a comment to share!

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