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Peaceful Inspiration

by Niki Hilsabeck in Recent Posts
Newsletter 10/8/15
Even on a crowded day at the beach, I find the ocean peaceful.

At a popular hotel, the koi pond is another source of inspiration. 
Do you find yourself looking for the quiet places to find peace?  I have a toddler and a first-grader, and between the two of them there isn’t much peace in the house.  It’s actually so quiet on those rare occasions when I’m home without them, I end up going outside to listen to the birds chatter.
Peaceful places can be found just about anywhere, as long as you know where to look!  In a crowded restaurant, a booth by the window can be peaceful.   Benches at the mall, corner couches at gatherings– if you’re comfortable sitting back from the crowd and turning inward or observing, peace awaits you at almost any location.
I often paint peaceful scenes because painting is a calming activity for me.  No matter how difficult things seem, I feel better when I’ve spent a little time painting.  Perhaps one day I’ll find so much peace in my own life, I’ll finally be inspired to paint some energetic crowd scenes.  Until then, I paint the peace my psyche craves, which gives me something to look back on and enjoy when life gets tumultuous.  
Of course, if I need a little peace and I can’t paint, getting up to take the dog out at sunrise gives me a few moments to enjoy! 


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