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Wind in My Bones

by Niki Hilsabeck in Recent Posts

Oceanside Days of Art: A Gloriously Windy Event

My booth at the art fair April 26th-27th, a pastel demo (koi pond)

I think I came up with my epitaph after this event!

I don’t envision myself having a tombstone when I’m gone, but if I were to have one, I’d like the following quote to appear on it:
            “I loathe the wind.”
Of course I’m grateful for the occasional breeze on a warm day (especially a sea breeze!) That said, I don’t think I’ve ever participated in an art event where the wind did not become a concern during at least one portion of the day.  Thanks to a fast-moving storm the night before this event, however, it was more than just a concern– I almost packed up and went home Saturday morning. Quite a few artists didn’t come at all. Luckily my enterprising sister found some weights and an extra wall, so I felt comfortable staying for the day.
It was a good thing I stayed; I ended up meeting all kinds of new people.  I also said goodbye to a few of my personal favorites:
 Baywood Boats, Indoor Garden, Beauty in Hiding
It looks like the tropical art was popular at this event!

 Lesson learned: There’s a fine line between instinct and fear when you’re making decisions in bad weather.

 My instincts said it would be fine, the wind would die down at least somewhat as it usually does once the sun comes out.  My reasoning (heavily influenced by images of my ez-up flying away with all my inventory) preferred to err on the side of fear, reminding me that the next day was supposed to be much nicer outside.  In the end, I figured I would try the weights and the extra wall, and make sure I was within quick reach of the corners of the tent in case of gusts.  The wind kept going strong, but nothing fell down or blew away.  
If you find yourself having to make a similar decision under weather duress, a brief cost-benefit analysis of the situation based on your past experiences can help, as can having a quick-thinking, resourceful helper to save the day.  
If you like the tropical art above, check out my latest mixed media piece created with acrylic and soft pastel:
“Waiting for Butterflies,” 16 x 22 Mixed Media on Paper
Available for sale after 5/7/14, email if interested in purchasing 
Hopefully since the next event will be in warmer weather, the wind will be less of a threat– but I’m not holding my breath. 

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