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Using Darks to Bring Out Your Lights

by Niki Hilsabeck in Recent Posts
In my latest art blog post, I have some examples of different stages of painting with pastels, showing the importance of using dark tones in your underpainting if you want to bring out those bright pastel lights.  This works especially well if you are blending your pastels with water or using fixative to preserve your dark tones! 
I’ve posted a few new artworks as well, all created with chalk pastels blended with water on flat canvas:
                   “Baywood Boats”                                                “Swamp Tree”
                         Details                                                                 Details
                        “Jardin”                                               “Bromeliad Pair”
                         Details                                                  Prints Only

New art lessons available online!

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My Etsy store had a little work done!

I’ve streamlined my Etsy store so you can find my latest cat-themed pastels or whimsical collage pieces all in one place!

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