Out of the Dust

The Consistently Inconsistent Artist

October 2016 Newsletter 
It was an unfortunate conversation: a relentless boss, a tired college student, and a less than stellar performance that ended around 3:00 a.m.
My first bartending job was particularly dreadful, and thankfully brief.  As the hours, smoke, and bullying from my boss began to wear on me, I started to make mistakes-- one being forgetting to turn off a particular light or correctly set an alarm at 3:00 a.m.  As my boss unloaded her frustration, she stumbled upon one of my favorite phrases: "You're consistently inconsistent!"  
(Fireworks, cats, and pumpkins--definitely not consistent subjects!) 
It was true-- one night everything might be done to perfection, while another there might be a couple of major slip-ups.  What I thought for years might be a character flaw, I learned to think of as merely human.  As I settled into my preferred profession (teaching), I realized that I could be quite consistent-- in fact I had to be, in order to keep order in the classroom!
I have now unfortunately slipped into that consistently inconsistent routine of painting.  What used to be a daily activity has now taken a backseat to mothering, planning art lessons, gardening, sewing, even reading.  I'm not sure what my problem is, but it does seem related to a low energy level and busy days-- I find it much easier to work on projects that can be stopped and started in frequent intervals, rather than painting, which requires a bit more concentration on my part.
 "Blaue Blume" (Original Sold)         Sonnenblume ($35)
(I did manage to complete these, using acrylic paint skins with matte medium on flat canvas-- time consuming but therapeutic in their own way!) 
So I'm back to setting a goal of 20 minutes a day on artwork,which will hopefully evolve into longer sessions at least some of the days of the week.  I'll be teaching a new children's class, which begins on the 17th, and if there's one thing that's been consistent in my life is that when I'm teaching children to enjoy creating art, I fall back into enjoying the process too!
Coming to see the scarecrows in Fallbrook?  I'll be at the Fallbrook Harvest Faire making paper scarecrows with kids on the 16th of October!