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Welcome Art Friends!

Welcome!  Please feel free to browse my blog posts, check out new work, or sift through my galleries to find something that connects with you. If you are inquiring about workshops, paint-sips/coffee-paints, or private lessons, please email me at I am also available… read more.

Rattlesnakes and Late-Night Potato Pancakes

Newsletter 3/31What do rattlesnakes and potato pancakes have in common?  Well, according to some people, both are edible—but I’ve been vegetarian for 25 years now, so I won’t be eating rattlesnake any time soon!I’ve had a couple of hard life lessons in the last week. … read more.

Is it bad for your art to match the couch?

Newsletter 7/18/15  About that whole "art matching the couch" thing: I don't think it's bad if people buy art to match the couch.   "Sprig" 9 x 12 Pastel on paper    I once was introduced by a friend-of-a-friend at a festival, who happened to enjoy painting in his spare time… read more.

Five Benefits to Using Pastel

If you're new to pastels, or haven't tried them yet, here are a few things I love about using soft pastels.  "Bitter Harvest" (Painted on orange-toned paper) 1) Colorfastness Pastels come in a wide array of colors, most of them wonderfully vivid!  Using pastel on an appropriate… read more.

Summer Shipping Special, and Artist's Inspiration

"View from the Jetty"Original $60Click here to view listing Summer Shipping Special! To celebrate my new Foliotwist website, shipping on any item purchased through Fine Art by Niki Hilsabeck is free!  Latest Blog Post: Water, Water Everywhere!What inspires artists to… read more.

Latest work posted

 My latest piece, "Evening," is available for sale!  Please visit my blog to read about how I created this piece or see additional works for sale.  Click here to view purchase information for this piece… read more.

Welcome to my website!

To view my most recent blog posts and read about how I create the pieces you see here, visit my blog: Art by Niki Hilsabeck… read more.