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Overwintering (Newsletter March 2018)

Do you go dormant in the winter?"Bit of Moonlight" 3 x 5 inch pastel on paper   I've written before about having developed a gardening habit-- and that it's something I struggle to do successfully.  Having had so much rain last year, I was looking forward to a "normal" winter this year, with… read more.

An Artist's Guide to Cataract Surgery

I don't really have a bucket list, but if I did, cataract surgery would not have been on that list!"His Own Path" pastel on paper  It started with  cloudy vision in the lower half of one eye--which quickly progressed to the whole eye.  I went in, had my eyes dilated for the first… read more.

A Cure for the Mid-Summer Blues (Newsletter 7/30/16)

Well, we've hit the sticky middle of summer with a vengeance this year in Southern California!  Ordinarily the early sunrises would inspire me to wake up and get some painting done in the mornings, but I have children who seem to pop out of bed the minute the sun is out.  So, painting time… read more.

Winged Inspiration

Painting butterflies: why are they so appealing to artists?                        "Fleeting" 4 x 5.5 Pastel on Paper                       "Perched" 4.5 x 5.5 Pastel on PaperPurchase… read more.

Who Qualifies as an Art Lover?

The term "art lover" pops up a lot in art marketing.  What does it mean to be an art lover? "Beach Stroll" 9 x 12 Pastel on PaperClick here to view details When I hear the phrase "art lover," I tend to visualize people with a glass of wine in their hands trying to talk over annoying… read more.

Why Impressionism?

What is it about impressionism that draws so many people to it?  What motivates artists who paint in the impressionist style?"Bowing Oak" 9 x 12 Chalk pastel on flat canvasClick here to view large or purchase Impressionism was my first love as a young artist.  I had no desire to look at… read more.

Pricing and Policy Guide

How do I price my artwork?  Use this handy guide to navigate my pricing and policies."Old Temecula Field" Click here to view large or purchase Whether I'm selling my work at a festival, online, or through a show, there is consistency in pricing, which I base on what I think of as… read more.

My Art is Definitely Accessible

There are some in the art world who don't think artists should share their secrets.   They think artists should be mysterious, and if you don't "get" their work, that's just your misfortune.  Supposedly, you're supposed to go out and find your little group of people who do get your work… read more.

A Unique Way to use Pastel

Want to see more art?  View my current ebay listings. There's a lot you can do with pastel: use it dry on paper, scratch it over some acrylic or watercolor, or even blend it with water.    "Oorah" 9 x 12 Chalk pastel on flat canvasClick here to view… read more.

Local Perspiration...

A hot day at Balboa Park in San Diego, California led to some nice photos of the lilypond outside the Botanical Gardens.  After a great deal of perspiration, the photo led to a complete pastel: "Balboa Water Lilies" Click here to view purchase details  There's so much to Balboa Park,… read more.