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How to use chalk pastels

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Creating a Variety of Textures with Pastel

The versatility of pastel: creating works with unique textures  "Tropical Night" 17 x 21 Mixed Media on PaperClick here to view details  One of my favorite things about pastel is its versatility.  If I feel like following a time-tested, traditional method of using pastel, I can… read more.

Using Darks to Bring Out Your Lights

In my latest art blog post, I have some examples of different stages of painting with pastels, showing the importance of using dark tones in your underpainting if you want to bring out those bright pastel lights.  This works especially well if you are blending your pastels with water or using fixative… read more.

More Pastels with Water and Impressionist Trees

This time, I decided to play around with dipping my chalk pastels in water and then putting them on flat canvas: "Afternoon in the Park" 9 x 12 Chalk pastel on canvasClick here to view purchase details Using the wet chalk directly on the canvas had a nice loose effect, giving an impressionist… read more.